Wednesday, 09 December 2009 00:00

Peace has always been achieved in virtue of hard work. Thousands of organizations, staunch individuals, famous statesmen and political figures contributed to the establishment of peace in the whole world.

Most of them received a high appraisal from nations of different countries. Peace Committee of Armenia expresses gratitude towards those organizations and individuals that had a huge role in peacemaking throughout the world.

In this context we present you the list of laureates, who were honored with the Nobel Peace Prize in 21st century.

2000 Kim Dae Jung  /South Korea/

for his work for democracy and human rights
in South Korea and in East Asia in general,
and for peace and reconciliation with
North Korea in particular



2001 Kofi Annan /Ghana/

for their work for a better organized
and more peaceful world


2002 Jimmy Carter /United States/

for his decades of untiring effort to find
peaceful solutions to international conflicts,
to advance democracy and human rights,
and to promote economic and social development



2003 Shirin Ebadi /Iran/

for her efforts for democracy and
human rights. She has focused especially
on the struggle for the rights of
women and children

2004 Wangari Muta Maathai /Kenya/

for her contribution to sustainable development,
democracy and peace


2005 Mohamed ElBaradei /Egypt/

for his efforts to prevent nuclear energy
from being used for military purposes and
to ensure that nuclear energy for peaceful
purposes is used in the safest possible way


2006 Mohamed Yunus /Bangladesh/

for advancing economic and social
opportunities for the poor, especially
women, through their pioneering
micro credit work



2007 Al Gore /United States/

for his efforts to build up and
disseminate greater knowledge about
man-made climate change, and to lay
the foundations for the measures that
are needed to counteract such change



2008 Martti Ahtisaari /Finland/

for his important efforts, on several
continents and over more than three
decades, to resolve international



2009 Barack Obama /United States/

for his extraordinary efforts to
strengthen international diplomacy
and cooperation between people