Peace Committee of Armenia is a non-profit and non-commercial organization, in which individuals are united legally on the basis of common interests  to satisfy their non-religious or non-material needs, to protect rights of their own and other’s and to promote other  activities of public use.

The principles of the organization’s activities include legality, voluntarism, equality of rights, self-governing and publicity.


The main goal of “Peace Committee of Armenia” is to contribute to the establishment of good relations with neighbor nations, to strengthen stable peace in the whole world and to establish conditions for peaceful coexistence of Armenian people.

According to its Charter Peace Committee of Armenia during its semi-centennial work has organized different meetings, assemblies, seminars and charity enterprises, peace marches, cultural projects, concerts and performances contributing to the establishment and strengthening of peace.

Ex-Secretary General of European Movement
HENRIK KRÖNER, The president of Peace
Committee of Armenia GRIGOR PETROSYAN,
ex president of Armenian Peace Fund
EDWARD MIRZOYAN and the president of
International Association of Peace

Among the campaigns organized by Peace Committee of Armenia the most remarkable ones are:

1994, meeting of Peace Committee leaders of Armenia, Azerbaijan and Russia and in the result of long-term negotiations joint statement was signed which greatly contributed to the signing of armistice.

Charity enterprises-Peace Committee of Armenia disposed more than 45 million roubles  for a charitable purpose to people affected from disastrous earthquake in 1988, to migrants, talented children and veterans of War and Work.

April 3, 2003-various meetings for encouraging selectees with the participation of Edward Mirzoyan, the president of “Armenian Peace Fund”.

May 8, 2003- “Armenian Peace Fund” gave monetary awards to the veterans of World War II in view of Victory Day- May 9.

The present and the ex presidents
of Peace Committee of Armenia

2003- The organization representatives together with veterans of War and Work visited military units.

July 6, 2003-Peace Committee of Armenia together with Yerevan State Conservatoire organized a joint meeting in the house- museum of Aram Khachatryan with the purpose of perpetuating his memory.

The president of Croatia STJEPAN MESIĆ and the president of
Peace Committee of Armenia GRIGOR PETROSYAN

September 27, 2003- Peace Committee of Armenia together with UNO, Women Committee and Armenian Ministry of Foreign Affairs took active part in organization of the event devoted to the international day of peace, that was held in the park after Kirov.

December 12, 2007- Peace Committee of Armenia with the help of RA Ministry of Culture and State Philharmonic Orchestra organized New Year’s Eve performance devoted to the prominent  figures of the Committee.


2003-2008 Peace Committee of Armenia disposed constant financial support to people, students and pensioners in need for satisfying their requirements.

Peace Committee of Armenia together with International Peace Fund’s Association has taken part in the realization of different international campaigns.

Among these campaigns “Peace to each home” is the most essential one, which aimed to contribute to the regulation of foreign relations and strengthening of peace in CIS and other countries.

The president of Peace Committee
of Armenia
with the president of International
Association of Peace Foundations


Peace Committee of Armenia took part in many conferences and meetings.

June 7-8, 1988, New York, International conference- “ Peace Strengthening Issues”.

June 7-8, 1994, International conference- “ The state of emigrants in post-Soviet territory, and the possible means to allay the situation”.

April, 1998, Moscow, conference- “CIS, what impedes the integration” in which more than 100 scientists and  public figures took part from all CIS countries.

October 19-20, 1999, Moscow, conference – “Development of social organizations is a way to create a civil society in CIS countries”.

April, 2000, International scientific conference “ International  sanctions of 21 century” , in which many famous political and public figures and scientists from different countered took part.

April 16-17, 2000, conference “ New security architecture of NATO and Europe”, in which 29 Asian and European countries took part.

The president of Peace Committee of Armenia GRIGOR PETROSYAN
with the member of the Political bureau of the
Communist Party
of China
Central Committee LI CHANGCHUN

December, 2002, meeting and discussion on the topic “International terrorism and human rights”.

April 1, 2003, conference “CIS development and democracy” with the participation of social organization representatives.

International Peace Fund’s Association awarded honor diploma and gold medal to Peace Committee of Armenia for taking active part in peace strengthening in the region.