“Peace Committee of Armenia” was established in 1961 and it is the legal continuer of “Armenian Peace Fund”.

Peace Committee of Armenia was founded right after the great victory in World War II. Our organization is a member of International Peace Fund’s Association. During 50 years it promoted to the strengthening of peace in the whole region. From the first day our organization "Peace Committee of Armenia" was lead by such famous public figures as Poet Nairi Zaryan, artist Khachatur Yesayan. 1977-2009 the president of “Armenian Peace Fund” (“Peace Committee of Armenia”) was well-known composer and public figure Edward Mirzoyan.

On the General Assembly held in February, 2009 Grigor Edison Petrosyan was elected as the president of “Peace Committee of Armenia” and he leads it up to date.




The mission of “Peace Committee of Armenia” is peace strengthening in the whole world and charity for people in need.

From the first day of its establishment Committee Board has organized many meetings with well-known cultural figures, soldiers, and the best students from different educational institutions of Yerevan. These events aimed to give financial assistance to more than hundred necessitous artists, sculptors, specialists in literature and students. Fund had students receiving a nominal scholarship, it gave constant financial assistance to the chorus of blind people’s association, to unprovided composers and music schools.

Armenian Peace Fund rendered huge assistance to refugees migrated from Azerbaijan and people affected from Spitak earthquake in 1988. By Fund’s initiative Anatoli Karpov, world chess ex-champion, the president of U.S.S.R. Peace Fund and the present chairman of International Peace Fund’s Association, visited Spitak and disposed 20 million roubles and 15000 US dollars to the Fund for people affected from earthquake.

“Armenian Peace Fund” took active part in the “Book of Memory” publication devoted to the victims of World War II.

One of the organization's campaigns was arrangement of meetings with children of soldiers wounded in Artsakh Liberation War and assigning financial support to them. The Fund has also organized collection of fiction and its delivery to military units.


Poet Nairi Zaryan and artist Khachatur Yesayan
have been the leaders of “Armenian Peace Fund” since its establishment.
1977-2009 “Armenian Peace Fund” (“Peace Committee of Armenia”) was lead by Edward Mirzoyan, a well-known composer and public figure.

On the General Assembly held in February, 2009 Grigor Edison Petrosyan was elected as the president of “Peace Committee of Armenia” and he leads it up to date.


Armenian poet

Nairi Zaryan was born in December 31, 1900 in the Western Armenian village Kharakonis. In 1915 after the great Armenian genocide being persecuted by turks he emigrated to Eastern Armenia with thousands of compatriots, and he lived in an orphanage. Only after the establishment of Soviet System in his country he managed to get high education and become a well-known writer.

1941-1945 he published the collection of works “Martakoch” (1941), “ Shirakats Hogov”, “Vrezh” (1942), “Lsek Darer” (1942): Best works of that period are the poem “Dzayn Hayrenakan” (1943) and  the tragedy “Ara Geghetsik” (1944), which is about a struggle between Armenian king Ara Geghetsik and the queen of Assyria Shamiram.

Zaryan's most popular dramatical works  are comedies “Aghbyuri mot” (1948) and “Portsadasht” (1950) written in post war period. One of his best works is the poem “Hayeren” written with patriotic spirit.


Armenian famous artist.

Khachatur Yesayan was born in 1909 in Aghjala. He is an Armenian Soviet artist and Honored Artist of Armenian SSR (1956). A member of the Communist Party since 1943 has designed a series of performances in the theaters of Armenia: "Fool for others, wise for herself" by Lope de Vega (1943, Theater after Sundukyan), "Farhad and Shirin" Vurgun (Azeri Theater of Jabarli ), Gevorg Marzpetuni "on Muratsan (1942, Leninakan Theater), “Soe and Varditer" V. Tigranian (1957), "David-bek" Tigranian A. (1956) in Opera and Ballet theater after  Spendiaryan (with M. Saryan, A. Mirzoyan), and others.
Scene painting of Khachatur Yesayan played a great role in the history of Music and Comedy Theatre. In each performance designed by Khachatur Yesayan scene painting corresponded to the conception of the directing. Paying no attention to the lack of theme techniques he used all his talent and abilities and reached the desired result.


Composer, Public figure

Edward Mirzoyan was born in May 12, 1921 in Goris but he spent his childhood in Tbilisi. In 1924 his father, composer Michael Mirzayan (later due to the fault of some clerks it became Mirzoyan) he moved to Yerevan for teaching in Conservatoire. Edward Mirzoyan studied in several schools. In 1941 he graduated from Yerevan State Conservatoire, 1946-1948 he requalified in Moscow. He is married, has two children, four grandchildren and one great grandchild.


Doctor of political sciences, Public figure

Grigor Petrosyan was born in May 24, 1958. He finished school with excellent marks. He graduated from Kirovakan Pedagogical University, State Engineering University of Armenia, Russian Academy of Work and Social Relations and institute of philosophy and law in National Academy of Sciences. He is a lecturer in Russian-Armenian (Slavonic) State University since 1999.

Public activities

Grigor Petrosyan is one of the founders of the cultural club “Vernatun” in Crimea. 1992-2000 he was extensively engaged in public activities, the main aim of which was the problem of human rights.

In 2002 he was elected as a president of Academy of Political Researches.

In 2009 he was elected as a president of “Peace Committee of Armenia” and he leads in up till now. Grigor Petrosyan is married, he has two sons.