“Peace Committee of Armenia” was established in 1961 and it is the legal continuer of “Armenian Peace Fund”.

Peace Committee of Armenia was founded right after the great victory in World War II. Our organization is a member of International Peace Fund’s Association. During 50 years it promoted to the strengthening of peace in the whole region. From the first day our organization "Peace Committee of Armenia" was lead by such famous public figures as Poet Nairi Zaryan, artist Khachatur Yesayan. 1977-2009 the president of “Armenian Peace Fund” (“Peace Committee of Armenia”) was well-known composer and public figure Edward Mirzoyan.

On the General Assembly held in February, 2009 Grigor Edison Petrosyan was elected as the president of “Peace Committee of Armenia” and he leads it up to date.



Peace Committee of Armenia is a non-profit and non-commercial organization, in which individuals are united legally on the basis of common interests  to satisfy their non-religious or non-material needs, to protect rights of their own and other’s and to promote other  activities of public use.

The principles of the organization’s activities include legality, voluntarism, equality of rights, self-governing and publicity.

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Our contacts: Abovyan str. 16/3 office-30, Yerevan, Republic of Armenia, 0001
Tel: +37410525836, E-mail: peace.armenia@gmail.com